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Monday, September 9, 2013

EURES: Public Employment Services mobility portal

Set up in 1993, EURES is a co-operation network between the European Commission and the Public Employment Services of the EEA Member States (The EU countries plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and other partner organisations. Switzerland also takes part in EURES co-operation. The joint resources of the EURES member and partner organisations provide a solid basis for the EURES network to offer high quality services for both workers and employers.

European Employment Services - is a cooperation network designed to facilitate the free movement of workers within the European Economic Area; Switzerland is also involved. Partners in the network include public employment services, trade union and employers' organisations. The network is coordinated by the European Commission.

The main objectives of EURES are:

- to inform, guide and provide advice to potentially mobile workers on job opportunities as well as living and working conditions in the European Economic Area; 
- to assist employers wishing to recruit workers from other countries;and
- to provide advice and guidance to workers and employers in cross-border regions.

EURES Services includes financial support for the accompanying spouses or partners quiting their job to follow their partner's job abroad. 

Sandrine van den Oudenhoven

job4U2, "relocation is a project for both

Saturday, August 24, 2013

job4U2 is soon going to celebrate its 3 years birthday...

job4U2 is soon going to celebrate its 3 years birthday, a good time to look back and to share some statistics about the dual career spouses and partners we have been accompanying during these years.

To give a complete statistic overview, on the next picture, I put together some quantitative and qualitative results which made us proud about our work during these last 3 years.

I remain at your disposition for any further information you might require.

Sandrine van den Oudenhoven

job4U2, "relocation is a project for both" 

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

job4U2 summer special: Networking

Wordle: job4u2summerpostv4netoworking
It is still summer holidays time on the job4U2 blog with a selection of the blog “Best of” around the topic Networking and a Swiss job search. 
I invite you to visit or revisit the articles so that you can be on the starting block for the upcoming networking event season in Switzerland.

  • Networking for expatriate partners read more
  • Job search: Switching priority from applying to networking read more
  • Networking in Switzerland...when located outside the biggest Swiss cities read more
  • The unspoken rules of networking read more
  • Networking events: 14 tips from Anna Persson read more

Enjoy the rest of the summer weeks,
Warm regards,

Sandrine van den Oudenhoven
job4U2, "relocation is a project for both"

Friday, July 19, 2013

job4U2 summer special: LinkedIn

Wordle: job4U2summerpostV3It is also Summer holidays time for the job4U2 blog with a selection of the blog “Best of” around the topic LinkedIn and a Swiss job search.

I invite you to visit or revisit the articles so that you can be on the starting block with on linkedIn at the end of the summer.

How to use LinkedIn for your job search in Switzerland? read more

Networking for expatriate partners read more

Career support: A linkedIn group for the accompanying partners

Increase your chances to be spotted on LinkedIn

Enjoy the summer weeks,

Warm regards,

Sandrine van den Oudenhoven
job4U2, "relocation is a project for both"

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Volunteering in Switzerland

In Switzerland, volunteering involve around 25% of the population with an average time involvement of 3 hours per month. The participation to volunteering activities is slightly higher in the German speaking part of Switzerland. Swiss resident’s motivations are first, to make things happen and to help others. Socializing and experience learning are also important motivators when deciding to volunteer.

When relocating from abroad, volunteering can be an accelerator to social integration and a really powerful mean to quickly regain one’s identity and purpose after having left professional and social life behind.
Moreover, when looking for a new job, motivation and tenacity play a big role in the chance of success and being involved in a side activity, which like volunteering brings a high satisfaction level, is extremely positive.

Here bellow are listed the organizations located in Switzerland which provide information in English

Caritas Switzerland gets actively involved where people in wealthy Switzerland are affected by poverty: families, single parents, the unemployed, the working poor

The Bergwaldprojekt (Mountain Forest Project) sets a signal against the destruction of the mountain forest, contributes actively to its preservation and arranges for volunteers to be able to experience firsthand this fascinating ecosystem.

Just for Smiles aim is to offer polyhandicapped people access to open-air activities in environments where they can experience new sensations.

Young Enterprise Switzerland is a non-profit organisation which develops and supports practice-oriented business training programs for students, with the aim of interlinking the economy with schools

Terre des hommes Foundation is a significant force among children’s aid organisations in Switzerland and throughout the world. It is the largest non-governmental organisation (NGO) for children’s aid in Switzerland

ICVolunteers (International Communications Volunteers) is an international non-profit organization specialized in the field of communications, in particular languages, communication technologies and conference support.

Swiss Solidarity is a foundation that raises funds for humanitarian relief projects and works with the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG SSR and Swiss relief organizations to this end. Work in the field is carried out by experienced Swiss relief organizations according to precise stipulations. Swiss Solidarity is currently working with 25 aid organizations.

Sport – The Bridge is a swiss-based NGO from the capital city of Berne. Established in 2002, the association promotes the personal development of children through the use of sport.

Asha for Education is a non-profit organisation dedicated to socio-economic change in India and aiming to catalyze socio-economic change through education of underprivileged children in India

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights.
There are English speaking groups relaying Amnesty International's campaigns locally in Basel,Geneva,and Zurich.

To obtain more information and know about the local language speaking organizations contact:

In Lausanne; 

In Geneva:

In Zurich:

In Basel:

In Bern:

In Neuchatel:

In Biel-Bienne

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Sandrine van den Oudenhoven
job4U2, "relocation is a project for both"

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Hotels and guesthouses selection in region Swiss Midland

When involved in the process to relocate to Switzerland, some future or potential employees often like to come with their spouse and sometime with the family to visit the region around their future place of employment.
It’s a very good way to connect with the place, to meet the inhabitants and to decide what will be the preferred place to look for accommodations at a later stage. I personally recommend to take the opportunity of this pre-departure visit, to involve the spouse or partner in the decision making process.

I would like here to offer some support in offering a selection of personal, authentic and agreeable accommodation to book during this short stay in the Swiss Midland region.

The idea behind this selection is not to offer an exhaustive listing of the accommodation possibilities in the region (These are available on the tourism website of each canton and cities) but to present hotels and guesthouses you could fall in love with and who stand as beautiful entry doors into a Swiss life experience.

Suite 25A
Jean-Yves Vasserot
25a, chemin de Trois-Portes
CH-2000 Neuchâtel
+41 79 240 68 33

For long and short stay, 70m2 suite for 2 people, with open view to a clear panorama in a central location in Neuchatel.
Jean-Yves Vasserot speaks English, French and German and he or his wife will be happy to personally welcome you and provide all information you may need during your stay in their suite 25A.

Le Vieux Manoir
Relais & Châteaux
Rue de Lausanne 18
CH-3280 Morat-Meyriez

+41 (0)26 678 61 61

This Relais & Châteaux hotel is set in extensive grounds on picturesque Lake Murten. It was built 100 years ago as a romantic country house for celebrating life in all its easy-going fullness.
The Vieux manoir employees are ready to recommend the guests with the best ideas for the region in English, French, German and Italian.

Vivement jeudi
Myriam et Jan Gunzinger
Burcle 8
CH-2108 Couvet 
+41 (0)32 863 31 78

A welcome drink is waiting for you in this very special, out of time place.  This is an ideal location for couples. Jan speak fluently English and would be happy to provide information about the region.

Les Murailles 5
CH-2037 Montezillon
+41 (0)32 732 22 11

L'AUBIER, ecological hotel in Montezillon promises many beautifl moments of relaxation.
The hotel has 25 bright and friendly rooms, some for up to five people. Most rooms have a balcony or direct access to the garden and views of Lake Neuchatel. English, French and German are spoken

La Tourelle
Suite D'hôtes
Solitude 25
CH-2014 Bôle
+41 (0)32 753 00 07

Nadia Coubès-Hasler welcomes you (in French, Italian, English or German) in this unique location enjoying a nearly 360 degree view over the Swiss Alps, the Neuchatel lake, the forest. Ideal in the summer, the Tourelle is composed of 3 floors communicating via an outside stairs.
Ideal for couples or for 1 person.

And also

Villa Lindenegg in Bienne (BE)

B&B Maison du Bois in Le Locle (NE)

Auberge aux 4 vents in Fribourg (FR)

Broc'aulit in Broc (FR)

Schloss Ueberstorf (between Bern and Fribourg)

Baseltor in Solothurn (SO)

Innere Enge in Bern (BE)

On the map here, you will easily locate the selected accommodation places and access directly their webpage. 
get to the map

If you have some good places to recommend in the Swiss midland region but also anywhere else in Switzerland, please use the comment section of this blog to share them with all of us. 

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Sandrine van den Oudenhoven