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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Career support: A linkedIn group for the accompanying partners

Few weeks ago, I opened the job4U2 Circle on LinkedIn

The Circle is a place for accompanying partners, involved in a dual-career couple, to connect, exchange, present their skills, network with recruiting companies, corporate recruiters and peers.
The job4U2 Circle is a closed group open only to individuals accompanying their spouses or partners who have or are discussing a job in Switzerland

To date, 70  members are part of the Circle, ¾ are expatriate’s spouse or partners and ¼ are recruiters or HR representatives. Some of the spouses are already employed in Switzerland and some are looking for a job. Some are clients of job4U2 and some are not.

On the group, I post weekly questions. The objective of these questions is to help the members who are looking for a job to improve the efficiency of their search. Some of these questions were this months:

- Do you send your CV as Word, pdf, paper?
- Do you usually connect on linkedin with the people you meet during the recruiting process?
- Do you need business cards while you are looking for a job?
- What was the most surprising question you were asked during an interview?
- Which language should you learn to facilitate your job search in Switzerland?
- How often do you google your name?

I chose the format of weekly questions rather than weekly tips, because I’d love to listen to your experience.
I do not claim the exclusivity for the weekly questions, the members are invited to ask questions too!

 I also try to share regularly some contents either extracted from my blog or from other sources of information that I think could be useful for the community. I’d be very happy to read some of the content you like too. 

Thanks for inviting your friends to join the group: the only restriction is to be either an accompanying partner/spouse or a recruiter/HR manager interested in our community.
Do not hesitate to share this blog with your network,

Kind regards,

Sandrine van den Oudenhoven

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