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Friday, June 29, 2012

Switzerland? What about my career?

Your partner is considering a new assignment in Switzerland? We listed for you the 10 things you need to know before departing from your home country to follow your partner and relocate in Switzerland.
  1. 1-  Early enough in the assignment /job contract negotiation process, your partner should inform the hiring company that your couple is involved in a dual career situation and that you wish to pursue your career at the new location. At this stage, your partner may inquire about the available support for you on site and suggest that the company could sponsor a career support for you.
  2. 2-  Decide on the family relocation pattern; if you have children, you may want to consider the School holiday schedule
    (You should select your region and city)
    If your partner is taking a new responsibility in a new company, it may be wise to wait until the notice period is over before moving with the rest of the family.

  3. 3-  Collect your diplomas, degrees and all certification you obtained so far. Scan them and make some hard copies and take the original documents with you.
  4. 4-  Contact all your former employers and request a “Certificat de travail/ Arbeitszeugnis. This kind of recommendation letters are, next to the CV, one of the most important part of the Swiss application file
  5. 5-  Reactivate your network, involve them in your adventure and explain that you may need them as references to support your future job professional project.
  6. 6-  Keep good contact with your employers when resigning from current position: Indeed, they may be able to help you find a new job in Switzerland and you may be happy to come back at some time.
  7. 7-  Do not underestimate the importance of speaking the local language. Start taking some language courses, watch or read books in French and/or German to refresh your language skills
  8. 8-  Make some contacts with your future community already before leaving: It will be much easier to have 1 or 2 contacts ready to welcome you. Use the online networks. Many expats are already settled here and will be happy to take you around and to introduce you to their network.
  9. 9-  Always keep in mind that this is also your project and may become one of the most exiting time of your life.
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    Sandrine van den Oudenhoven
    job4U2, "relocation is a project for both"
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