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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Newsletter archive- 24 June 2012

Page updated on 24 June 2012

Summer and its expected beautiful weather has arrived in Switzerland, holiday time offers more time for reading but also for enjoying the Swiss lakes and various festivals which are organized in many cities.

Our “useful info” page  has dressed up for the summer with a selection of hotels and guesthouses and information about activities available in the summer months in the Swiss midland region.

Since the last edition of the job4U2 newsletter, a lot of new articles have been posted reaching a certain success with more than 1500 pages read during that period. The most popular ones were:

- the expert interviews about new work models and photos for on line profiles,
- the resource articles about working with headhunters and the efficiency of the job-boards and
- the informative pages about Swiss domestic budgeting and the job4U2 Circle

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Some news from our region: ; the new website of the Economic department of the canton of Neuchatel is just on line and offers great resources for just landed individuals.

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Job4U2 wish you a beautiful summer!
Kind regards, 
Sandrine van den Oudenhoven, job4U2

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