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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

job4U2: Archive October 2012 Newsletter job4U2

Page updated on 2 October 2012

Last month, I shared with you the reasons why we, at job4U2, specifically support the international employees’ partners.
Some global surveys show that statistically, the accompanying partner is
• Married (90%)
• Between 25 and 44 years old (75%)
• Polyglot (80% speak 2 or more languages)
• Highly educated (80% hold university degrees)
• Experienced in relocating (60%)
• Professionally active prior to relocation (90%)
• Not professionally active during the assignment (75%)
• Wish to work (85%)
Our experience, at job4U2 is that each partner, while being unique, shares a common experience:
While the partner is relocating « on request » often from a large company, the accompanying spouse’s main reason for moving to Switzerland is to insure the family/couple remains under one roof.
This sometimes goes with some form of sacrifice, often on the career side.
Companies can easily ease the situation, by acknowledging their situation and showing respect and consideration for the efforts made by the partners.
Only raising the question of the partner career during the recruitment interview helps opening the discussion and facilitate the whole relocation process.
Beside our career support programs, specifically designed for the partners, job4U2 offer free resources, available to all accompanying partners in Switzerland through our blog and the LinkedIn group job4U2 Circle.
Take a tour and feel free to forward these links to accompanying partners in your network.
We wish you a very nice month of October,
You can subscribe to the monthly issue of the job4U2 newsletter by sending your request directly by mail here.

Kind regards
Sandrine van den Oudenhoven
Director job4U2

"Relocation is a project for both"

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