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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Root cause analysis of your job search-part 3: “I receive only negative answers.”

Two months ago, I started to post a tool to support jobseekers who are not fully satisfied with the pace or the results of their job search in Switzerland: a root cause analysis of the job search.
The fist level of this analysis was:
• I have not sent application yet
• I do not get any reaction to my application
• I receive only negative answers
• I am not selected for the second run
• I always go till the end and fail in the last mile
• The final offer does not match my expectation, I have to refuse

Last month, we looked at level 2 for the first cause “I have not sent application yet

The remedial actions to the root cause are posted weekly on the LinkedIn job4U2 Circle opened to all spouses or partners having or about to relocate to Switzerland.

This months, I would like to take you through the second root cause I receive only negative answers which is probably going to interest a larger part of the job4U2 blog readers.

  • I apply exclusively on job-boards rather than to the recruiting individuals
  • I apply to job openings for which I am much to qualified
  • I apply to job openings in a completely different areas as my background area
  • I have less than 60% of the skills or expertise requested on the job ads
  • My CV is not sufficiently underlining my skills and expertise
  • I apply to Swiss companies without including a complete application file
  • My application letters are not strong enough
  • My one-line profile is unadapted
If you are in one of the situations highlighted by the root cause chart and need some help to find out what could be a corrective action, please post your comment here below.

Again, remedial actions will be covered in the LinkedIn job4U2 circle.

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Sandrine van den Oudenhoven
job4U2, "relocation is a project for both"

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