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Friday, May 24, 2013

A selection of English written books to get to know Switzerland better

Knowing all the touristic places, B&B and best restaurants in Switzerland is probably great and is part of the relocation experience in this beautiful country, however our selection focuses, first, on books, which serve a career project purpose.
No job-search or career books either as we value, for its efficiency, the qualitative approach that a personalize support with a career coach or a consultant does bring, but you will discover here a selection of books to better understand the Swiss system, culture and most importantly people:

ISBN  978-3-905252-23-1

ISBN 978-1-902825-45-8

ISBN 978-3-905252-25-5

ISBN-Nr.: 978-1-85788-548-4
ISBN: 978-1-909282-63-6

Keep also an eye on the offer of Bergli as they are specialized in publishing books mostly in English, that focus on the cultural diversity, rich history and cultural attitudes and values of the Swiss and international people living in Switzerland.

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Sandrine van den Oudenhoven
job4U2, "relocation is a project for both"

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