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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Archive: February 2012 job4U2 newsletter

"It is my pleasure to edit the February newsletter from the new version of our website. I am very pleased to invite you to visit job4U2 on line.
In December we published an article about networking especially dedicated to the accompanying partner, it included 5 tips for building a network when relocating to Switzerland. Networking remains at the center of a job search process and one of the biggest challenges for someone who has just arrived in our country.Our article this month “The unspoken rules of networking” will provide some precious keys to facilitate this process. We invite you to post your comments and to share experience with networking in Switzerland on the job4U2-Switzerland blog.
For most families, arriving in Switzerland is also a chance to re-think their organization and aim to a better work-life balance. One of the solutions we see developing in the future in Switzerland is jobsharing. Switzerland is one of the very few countries which supports the development of this working pattern and which offers a jobsharing platform: jobsharit is today available in French and in German. Tiziana Frassineti, founder of jobsharit, is fully articulate in English and remains at your disposal whenever support is needed.
Next month, we will publish the article “How to use linkedIn for your jobsearch in Switzerland”: Stay posted!
You can subscribe to the monthly issue of the job4U2 newsletter by sending your request directly by mail here.
We wish you to enjoy each of the 29 days of this month,
Kind regards,
Sandrine van den Oudenhoven, job4U2"

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