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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Personal branding: Do I need business cards while I am looking for a job?

When I first meet with a new client for the orientation workshop I always wondered if I should give or not my business card. For clarity purpose, let me remind you here that my clients (or coachees) are spouses or partners of expatriates relocating to Switzerland,
On one hand, I see it as something convenient for my new coachee to have all my contact details at one place but on the other end, I remember of the time when I was given business cards and did not have one to give in return: I didn’t like the feeling.
At some point I decided I will not give my business card but make sure that my contact details will be on all working documents I will be handing to my coaches.

In the 4U2 programs, what ever the professional project of my client is, networking and personal branding remains central. How do business cards fit into the picture then?

“Business cards” may sound a bit old fashion as we are all connected on facebook, linkedIn and other social media but can we really do without it?
And should we do without it?
What do you do/say when someone gives you his/her card during a networking event and that you do not have any to give in return?
Do you believe that after you met once with one person, you will be directly and immediately added in the phone contact list of this person?
If you want to get the card of someone, giving yours isn’t a sure way to obtain it?
A business card design gives a lot of information on the branding of a company; doesn’t this apply to personal branding?
Does printing 100 business cards in Switzerland cost more or less than a “filet de perches” lunch meal?

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