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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some aspects of being self employed

Mobility rarely stays an isolated experience and is more a circle in a career path: Being an accompanying partner could be a repetitive experience; therefore a portable career could be a good idea.
I do not really want to dissert about portable careers options in that blog, there are many available resources, for example the Jo Parfitt ‘s books “ a Career in your suitcase” with a 4th edition on its way. However portable career often goes with being self-employed.
I would like here to share a bit of my experience of being an entrepreneur and highlight some aspects of being self employed:

If something goes wrong, you know who’s behind it!
If results are great, you know who’s behind it!
You can do your email till 11pm without feeling guilty
You can go and watch your son playing soccer at 3 pm without feeling guilty
You do what you like to do ( or at least what you chose to do)
Decision channels are as short as they can be
No inter-cross-doted-line-functional-internal customers: only real customers!
Being an entrepreneur develops your creativity and enhance your solution driven attitude.

There are many more aspects of being an entrepreneur, what are yours? what are the ones you’d expect?

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