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Monday, July 16, 2012

Interviewing Skills- Job4U2 - Q&A

What information should you gather about the company, the interviewer and the position when preparing for an interview?
 "Knowing the market, the trends, the competitors, key customers and Key vendors is extremely important and not only for commercial roles. It’s also interesting to check information about people working in the targeted department (future peers, direct reports, and line manager), their name, background. Linked in is a very useful tool for this purpose.”

How to address questions that may be controversial in other/your culture(s)?
"Swiss interviews are unusually extremely respectful, to such an extend that sometime the recruiting side does not dare to ask these embarrassing questions, I recommend to provide the answers even to the non-ask questions all along the interview so be sure that they are not rejecting your application because they still have doubts "

How to address flexibility and mobility (versus duration of your stay)?
 "Such questions are difficult to answer even for locals but a way out could be to answer by returning the question: “ that was actually one of the questions I had on my list, How does your company handle dual-career mobility?"

How to show motivation?
 "Well selecting the companies and roles you’re targeting will insure that you are truly motivated for the role your are interviewed for. In such case, being natural and open is the best way to succeed. Being well prepared and making sure its visible sends a very positive message ”

How to address salary questions?
 "For top management positions, where the range is very large, I recommend to discuss it very openly which head-hunters you trust, asking for confidentiality. But this should not be discussed too early with the hiring company. “I am sure that if there is a mutual interest we will find easily an agreement on the conditions ” could help delaying the discussion. Anyway, offered conditions in Switzerland are usually to a very acceptable level”

How to address negatives experiences and gaps in your CV?
 “Every life experiences make you a different person: Be prepared to explain the learning of each phase of your life, professional or not”

How to end and follow up an interview?
 " Confirm you want the job before leaving the room and thank each participant personally and individually by mail within 24H ”

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Sandrine van den Oudenhoven, job4U2

Copyright job4U2 2012

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